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Does your surveillance system keep your business safe and protected?

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My current video surveillance footage is stored

  • In one location on a traditional digital video recorder (DVR) or network video recorder (NVR)
  • Using a hybrid approach, stored on both my security cameras and in the cloud
  • Encrypted, backed up, and 100 percent secured in the cloud
  • I don't know

I can view and access my video surveillance footage

  • On location where the video is stored
  • On my phone or laptop anywhere in the world
  • Only my security provider can access my surveillance footage

My video surveillance system works with

  • Only access control systems for entryways
  • Access control systems and other third-party tools, such as cash registers, sensors, alarms, and enterprise reporting
  • It doesn't work with any of my other business systems
  • I'm not sure

I can easily predict and budget for the cost of my video surveillance system

  • Yes, my billing is consistent each month
  • No, my bill fluctuates quite a bit each month
  • I paid for my entire system upfront and only pay for new equipment and updates.

My video surveillance system can

Select all that apply
  • Detect intrusions
  • Count objects and people
  • Recognize license plates
  • Notify me when a vulnerable area has been breached
  • Find patterns in data and recommend solutions
  • Protect against cybersecurity attacks

If I have a problem with my equipment or system

  • I won't know until something happens or I need to access the video
  • My system notifies me right away and I can usually resolve the problem that day
  • I typically know within a couple days and my provider can fix it that week
  • I'm left to fix it myself

I mainly use my system

  • As a theft deterrent and intrusion detection
  • To train and monitor employees
  • For advanced analytics to improve operations and customer service
  • I seldom use my current system

Who makes updates to your system?

  • I do or a member of my team does
  • My security provider
  • The system needs updating?!

If I need to add or replace a camera

  • I must choose from a very narrow list of cameras for it to work with my VMS
  • I'm free to add nearly any make or model camera that fits my current needs
  • I have a range of models to choose from, but they must meet specific requirements

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