Stonegate HOA


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Stonegate HOA is located in Denver, Colorado, and was looking for a video surveillance system that would protect the community from vandalism and theft, and would keep their homeowners secure. Specifically, they wanted cameras throughout the property that would be accessible by all members of the home owner’s association. They were also looking for a system that was easy for the homeowners to use without significant training, and one that would allow members to access video from their mobile phones.

The chose Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS as their video surveillance solution. After Eagle Eye was installed, the HOA was pleased with the results. The homeowners had a much higher sense of safety, and the community no longer had any issues with vandalism or theft.

Here are the details of this project:

Eagle Eye Product Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
Country US
Number of Locations  1
Type of Cameras  IP
Number of Cameras  8
Camera Manufacturer  Hikvision
Retention  30 Days
Eagle Eye Equipment  Eagle Eye Bridge 301