Eagle Eye Bridge 303/403

2017-10-24T10:48:34+00:00April 14, 2017|

Eagle Eye Networks has relaunched its rack-mountable 303 & 403 Bridges with new capabilities. The 303 & 403 Bridges now include managed PoE ports. Cameras can be remotely restarted within the camera settings tab of the Eagle Eye user interface. Any individual port or all ports can be power cycled. Eagle Eye managed switches appear on the dashboard for quick access. The connectivity of each individual port is displayed along with its status.


  • 303 Supports up to 15 IP cameras
  • 403 supports up to 30 IP cameras
  • 8 port Class 3 PoE managed switch
  • No special configuration needed
  • Graphical display shows to which port a camera is connected
  • Ability to power cycle a camera without opening the managed switch settings
  • Ability to power cycle all ports simultaneously
  • Eliminates the need to be physically on site to cycle power on a camera
  • No need for an additional PoE switch for up to 8 cameras