Cloud-Client Fisheye Dewarping Introduced in Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS


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Fisheye cameras are a popular choice for businesses due to the various efficiencies and cost savings associated with them. The 360-degree image captured from a fisheye camera cuts down on the number of cameras a business needs to monitor a given area, which in turn reduces the power consumption, labor costs maintenance needed.

360 Fisheye Camera Image

To get the most out of their fisheye cameras many customers will leverage fisheye dewarping solutions with the camera. Dewarping allows the user to reverse the warped distortions of the image caused by the fisheye (or 360-degree) camera lens, giving them a “normal” view of the footage.

Eagle Eye Networks Dewarping Solution

The Eagle Eye Networks cloud-client fisheye dewarping solution enables customers to capture the full 360-degree image from their fisheye camera and dewarp it right from their browser or mobile device without any plug-ins or licensing. This means that customers can access their camera and dewarp the footage from anywhere whenever they need to.

Fisheye Dewarp Camera Settings

Camera Support

Currently, Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS supports a broad array of fisheye cameras from multiple manufacturers:

  • Axis M3058
  • Hanwha 9010R
  • Avigilon 12.0-H4F-DO1-IR
  • Hikvision DS-2CD63C5G0-I(V)(S)
  • Dahua NK8BR4 12MP
  • Eagle Eye Networks CDUF-003a

Support will expand quickly to include additional fisheye cameras from additional cameras. We will continue to update this section as new cameras are added.

Dewarping Virtual PTZ

The virtual PTZ feature tied into the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS cloud-client fisheye dewarping solution provides an added benefit. Traditional PTZ cameras only capture the area they are aimed at. Any pan, tilt or zoom applied means it can not record the full area it is meant to capture. Virtual PTZ using Eagle Eye Networks cloud-client fisheye dewarping can pan, tilt and/or zoom on a specific area and continue to capture the full image, which can be viewed in historic view with no disruption.

Double Panorama Fisheye Dewarp

Dewarping Viewports

Previously, the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS supported fisheye cameras through camera-based dewarping. With the new cloud-client fisheye dewarping solution, customers can apply the following presets to their footage:

  • Single
  • Dual Panorama
  • Quad

These views can also be converted to layouts as if they were separate cameras at no additional cost to the customer.

Eagle Eye Networks Cloud-Client Fisheye Dewarping Solution is available now globally.

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