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Oakwood High School

April 18, 2017 Eagle Eye Networks

Oakwood High School did not have a video surveillance system on campus, so they did not have complete visibility into what was happening among their 300 students.  The principal was looking for a solution that would allow the staff to view multiple locations at once to ensure safety and to assist with resolving on-campus disputes.

Oakwood High School decided to implement Eagle Eye’s Cloud VMS throughout their campus. They granted access to key faculty members as well as the city’s police chief so that all parties can view video footage from their phones, adding an extra layer of security should any incidents occur. The principal also monitors the video footage to ensure no students are loitering in the halls, the third shift custodial staff is doing their job properly, and that no suspicious activity is taking place near or on the campus.

“Eagle Eye is better than I imagined. I’ve used it beyond our intended security purposes. When there’s a disciplinary issue, the video gives me a better idea of what happened. There’s no more dealing with he said, she said arguments – Eagle Eye has become my third eye. We have already decided to implement this system throughout our district.”

Tim Lee

Principal, Oakwood High School


Eagle Eye Product Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
Country US
Number of Locations 1
Camera Type IP
Number of Cameras 14
Bridge Model(s) Eagle Eye Bridge 310
Retention 14 Days


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