Low T Centers

Low T Center

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Low T Centers help diagnose and treat men who have low testosterone levels, and they currently have over 60 locations throughout the United States. The management at Low T Centers had two main requirements for their video surveillance system. First, they needed to be able to use a single surveillance system for all of the locations. Second, they needed a system with the ability to set granular user permissions for privacy concerns.

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS was selected by the Low T Centers as the optimal video surveillance solution for all of their locations. With Eagle Eye Networks, authorized Low T Center users can view video from all of their locations with a single login, and for example, they can even customize their video layouts to show all of their lobbies on one screen. The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS also provides individualized user permissions on a camera-by-camera basis. It doesn’t get much more granular than that.

Low T Center

Eagle Eye Product Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
Country US
Number of Locations 54
Type of Cameras IP
Number of Cameras 296
Camera Manufacturer Eagle Eye Networks
Retention 7 days
Eagle Eye Equipment Eagle Eye Bridge 304

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