Eagle Eye Networks Announces White Paper Release: Identifying a True Cloud Security System

2018-12-20T16:37:46+00:00December 20, 2018|

AUSTIN, TEXAS – Eagle Eye Networks today announced the release of its True Cloud White Paper, which is a technical guide to cloud computing’s essential characteristics.

In the consumer and business worlds, video has already moved to the cloud. And cloud-based residential video surveillance products are now advertised daily on television. But are these various surveillance solutions truly “cloud” solutions?

Identifying a true cloud system requires answering these true cloud key questions:

  1. How are the essential cloud computing characteristics used? What application features and capabilities relate to which cloud computing characteristics?
  2. How is the as-a-service model supported? How will the technology be maintained and automatically kept current with technology advances?
  3. What is the system’s cyber security profile? What cyber security controls are applied to the cloud system? What are the vendor’s cloud security practices? Is the system compliant with any cyber security or data privacy regulatory requirements?
  4. What are the cloud system vendor’s product development practices? What is the vendor’s systems development life cycle (SDLC)? How is continuous delivery supported?

Armed with this information, security system end users, integrators, and design consultants will be able to easily identify and compare true cloud systems.

Click here for full access to the ‘Identifying a True Cloud Security System’ whitepaper.

For more information on Eagle Eye Networks, visit www.een.com.


Deborah Demarchi


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