White-Spunner Construction

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White-Spunner Construction is a general contracting, design-build and construction management company that was established in 1981 and was based in Mobile, Alabama. They were in need of a video surveillance system to keep an eye on a particular construction site that was in a remote area. Specifically, they were looking for a cloud-based system that would allow them to check video 24/7 to ensure that the construction workers were on-site when they were supposed to be.

They selected Eagle Eye Cloud VMS for as their video surveillance solution because it allows them to keep eyes and ears on their construction site – even when they were not on-site. Eagle Eye also allows them to utilize Eagle Eye Analytics to create alerts when their crew members arrive at the construction site. With Eagle Eye, White-Spunner is able to secure their site as well as improve the overall operations of their business.

White-Spunner Construction

Here are the details of this project:

Eagle Eye Product Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
Country US
Number of Locations 1
Type of Cameras IP
Camera Manufacturer Eagle Eye Networks
Number of Cameras 9
Retention 7 Days
Eagle Eye Equipment Eagle Eye Bridge 304