Eagle Eye Networks Upgrades VMS with Synchronized Histories, Real-time Video Zooming, & Unlimited Motion Regions & Alerts


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EE WingsAUSTIN, Texas, Sept 10, 2015 – Eagle Eye Networks today announced that it has deployed a major upgrade to the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS. The new release includes synchronized multi-window history viewing, real-time zooming during playback, unlimited motion regions, real time motion event display,
and enhanced alert notifications.

“We are continuously investing to improve the features and functions of the Eagle Eye Security Cameras VMS. These enhancements are then immediately available for our customers because we handle the upgrades in the cloud,” said Dean Drako, Eagle Eye Networks president & CEO.

Current Eagle Eye Networks customers have access to all these new features:

    1. Synchronized history viewing. Multiple history windows can be synchronized during playback. Users can view multiple cameras from the same or different locations, and simultaneously scroll through time while keeping all of them synchronized.
    2. Real Time Motion Event Display. The area where motion was detected is shown in the image both in historic and real time display. This allows tuning and perfection of motion detection and alerts.
    3. Enhanced Motion Notifications Filtering. Motion Notification alerts can be controlled, delayed, and filtered based on time.
    4. Unlimited Arbitrary Motion Regions. Company administrators can specify unlimited motion detection regions and set unlimited motion alerts via email or SMS. Users to notify and precise hours can be individually specified.
    5. Real time-Zooming. Users can zoom in on areas of interest while video is playing, either during live viewing or historical playback.

In other news today, Eagle Eye Networks announced multi-view camera support, so users can generate and view multiple, simultaneous video streams from selected sections of a single camera, as well as support for 180° 360° panorama camera views, for wide area coverage applications.

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About Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks delivers the first on-demand cloud based security and operations video management system (VMS) providing both cloud and on-premise recording. Eagle Eye also provides a cloud video API for integrations and application development. The Eagle Eye Platform offers secure, encrypted recording, camera management, mobile viewing and alerts – all 100% cloud managed. The Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera Video Management System supports a broad array of IP and analog cameras uses Intelligent Bandwidth Management™, making it easy to deploy at single and multiple sites. The API platform uses the Eagle Eye Big Data Video Framework™, with time based data structures used for indexing, search, retrieval and analysis of the live and archived video. Eagle Eye Networks sells through authorized reseller and installation partners. The headquarters is at 411 Brazos St, Suite 101, Austin, TX. For more information please visit www.eagleeyenetworks.com or call +1-512-473-0500.


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