The G4S Secure Operations Center (emergency center) has recently started supporting Eagle Eye Networks’ cloud-based video management system. Jaap Noordhoek of G4S is enthusiastic: ‘Video surveillance only offers advantages and more possibilities than traditional systems’.

The number of security cameras worldwide is enormous and is still increasing. For a long time, all images recorded by those cameras were stored locally on a local recorder. “These traditional systems have many limitations,” says Jaap Noordhoek, product advisor at G4S Secure Operations Center. “They have limited storage capacity and are not very flexible. In addition, installing is a lot of hassle and it is important to continuously update the software. So it is not surprising that companies are now rapidly choosing to host their security cameras in the cloud. ”…


Connecting security cameras to the cloud platform can be fast, simple and secure. A so-called bridge is placed to which the cameras are linked. Noordhoek: ‘The great thing is that the cloud platform supports almost every type of security camera. You do not have to buy new hardware or cameras, but you can switch in no time. All registered images arrive via the bridge and are then sent encrypted to one of the European data centers of Eagle Eye Networks. The bridge also provides buffering. If an internet line goes down temporarily, the bridge remembers the images for up to 48 hours and then synchronizes them to the cloud. “…

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