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STC Training Club is a leader in Swedish wellness, with more than 165 training facilities and 1,500 employees. Its commitment to the health and wellbeing of society goes far beyond just opening doors to people who want to exercise. Club operators strongly believe in community, which is why they design their facilities to be meeting places where members can naturally interact across generations. The ambition of the business has always been to be a serious player with an affordable offer, so all people of all ages have the opportunity to live a healthier life. 

A grand infrastructure with multiple distribution centers and many employees comes with challenges regarding the security of the premises and management of employees. For these specific tasks, STC found Eagle Eye Networks to be the leading solution provider. The Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) is a security solution with advanced analytics that helps keep businesses and employees secure and safe.

“In the past, we found it very challenging to identify a system that suited our business and was easy to work with. Eagle Eye Networks was recommended to us by our coworkers from Intra, and we were quickly convinced. It helped us do two important things: secure the safety of our customers and coworkers, and also count the visits to our gyms. This feature is especially needed now, in times when everything is more strictly regulated due to the pandemic,” says Andreas Claesson Nilsson, Regional Manager, South and North.

“What was especially attractive to us regarding the Eagle Eye Networks solution was how user friendly it is, and its accessibility from mobile devices,” continues Claesson Nilsson. “It is web based and has very easy support and great functionality. The simple administration and value for the money were a few other points that definitely convinced us quickly.”

Lastly, says Claesson Nilsson, “We were especially satisfied with the extremely positive feedback from our coworkers, which leads to an active system, and that was the whole point from the beginning.” 

STC Training Club