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Eagle Eye Video API

The Eagle Eye Video API is a comprehensive REST based API for recording, indexing, and storing camera video. The Eagle Eye Video API handles all the heavy lifting of interfacing to the cameras, recording the video, securely transmitting it to the cloud, storing it, and then making it available to use in your applications. All of the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS user interfaces (web, iOS, Android) have been built using this API.

There are no extra charges for using the Eagle Eye Video API.  Some key examples that the API is being used for include: Analytics Integration, User Database integration, simplified user interface development, specialized mobile app development, and many, many more.


Eagle Eye Developer Program

What Will I need?
You will need some compatible cameras, an Eagle Eye Bridge, an Internet connection with reasonable bandwidth, and an Ethernet switch to connect the cameras.

What do I Need To Do?
We require that you provide us with regular feedback via email as part of this program. We want to make our products better and your feedback contributes to our continuous improvement.

What Will I Get?
Eagle Eye Networks will provide you with an Eagle Eye Bridge. We will also create an Evaluation Account on the Eagle Eye Video API for you to use with your Eagle Eye Bridge for testing and development.

How Do I get Started?
If you are interested in the joining the developer program or learning more, fill out the form and we will be in touch.