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SHIPS is a retail company that imports high-quality clothing and currently has 86 stores throughout Japan. Prior to Eagle Eye, SHIPS  implemented analog cameras as their crime prevention strategy. They decided to install the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS to eliminate the risk of damages and failures from local recording devices. Furthermore, the management team wanted the ability to manage all the cameras across all stores remotely from a centralized cloud VMS system 24/7.

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS securely saves videos in the cloud without putting a big burden on existing network bandwidth. Moreover, the Eagle Eye system can support all different camera manufacturers and their various models. Eagle Eye users are also able to use their existing cameras and migrate to this cloud video surveillance system with ease.

So far, Eagle Eye’s system has been deployed in multiple stores and warehouse locations and is currently monitoring approximately 100 cameras. Going forward, Eagle Eye Networks will continue to support SHIPS’s needs for security enhancement and assist in their adoption of this cloud-based video surveillance system for all of their stores and warehouse locations.


Here are the details of this project:

Eagle Eye Product Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
Country JP
Number of Locations 10
Type of Cameras IP
Camera Manufacturer Panasonic
Number of Cameras 100
Retention 30-90 Days
Eagle Eye Equipment Eagle Eye Bridge 304

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