Educational Insititutions

Idea Public Schools


Idea Public Schools is a charter school that operates with freedom from some of the regulations that are imposed upon district schools. Over the past 11 years, every student who attended Idea went to [Read More]

Arey Jones


Arey Jones is a technology company committed to fostering empowered learning spaces for students in K-12 schools. Their nationwide network of fulfillment centers provides a variety of services across [Read More]

Rosewood Academy


Rosewood Academy offers unique educational programs for children from the age of six weeks old to five years old. They also offer after-school programs for children in elementary school whose parents [Read More]

Ben Bolt School District


The Ben Bolt School District is located in a rural area with over 500 students, ranging from elementary through high school. They were in need of a more secure surveillance system to ensure the safet [Read More]

The Vine School


The Vine School is a private school for children ages two through eighteen diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders. As their program continues to grow and the needs of both students and staff evolve [Read More]

The Magellan Intl. School


The Magellan International School has two campuses in Austin, Texas. Prior to Eagle Eye, the school had alarms installed to protect campus entry points, but they did not have a video surveillance sys [Read More]

Univ of Chicago


The University of Chicago was looking for a video solution to keep a closer eye on both the exterior and interior of an on-campus residence hall building to ensure student safety. The university sele [Read More]

Oakwood High School


Oakwood High School did not have a video surveillance system on campus, so they did not have complete visibility into what was happening among their 300 students.  The principal was looking for a sol [Read More]