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RoviTracker+ Eagle Eye Networks Integrated Solution

Use Cloud Video Surveillance to Enhance Tracking Equipment you Rent or Sell

Two Cloud-Based Systems = Double the Benefits

Why drive from site to site to record data manually? Eagle Eye Networks has partnered with RoviTracker to create a tightly integrated solution, giving customers a true cloud integration of equipment tracking and cloud video.

  • Fully cloud-based (no onsite computers required)
  • Understand job site metrics, equipment utilization, and see progress with real-time video
  • No maintenance required
  • Pay as you go
  • Automated reports
  • Rich dashboard with video for easy management

Integrated in the Cloud

The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS is integrated with the RoviTracker System in the cloud – no onsite work required. Eagle Eye and RoviTracker securely maintain the integration at all times.

EEN Image_Construction Site

Understand job site metrics, equipment utilization and see progress with real time video

Common Industry Applications:

  • Construction – Rental companies, contractors, and OEMs invest millions into their business and can save on fuel and increase safety for less than 50 cents a day.
  • Energy – Renewable, Oil & Gas, and Mining companies use equipment in remote locations and for long periods of time. Remote monitoring allows techs to be prepared.
  • Government – With large fleets of trucks and other vehicles, cities and other government institutions can easily locate and gather insights into best practice to save on fuel and labor.
  • Site Management – If you have remote job sites, we make viewing those sites easy. Live video streaming in addition to asset tracking data on one platform.