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Cloud Video Surveillance combined with Smart Parking

About SpotVision

SpotVision is a mobile application that uses video surveillance cameras to AI to show drivers the exact location of vacant and occupied parking spots on a map in real-time. The SpotVision app is available on both iOS and Android.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Use your existing Eagle Eye Cloud VMS system to capture and display vacant and occupied parking spots in real-time.
  • Easily integrate your Eagle Eye Cloud VMS account with SpotVision on your SpotVision dashboard.
  • Eliminate the hassle your customers experience when looking for a place to park, especially during peak business hours.
  • View the entire parking lot with a total count of open parking spaces in real-time

SpotVision + Eagle Eye Networks Integrated Solution

The Advantages of SpotVision for Your Business

  • Retail: Full parking lots can easily frustrate customers, discouraging them from frequenting the business again. Using SpotVision, business owners can remove the headache of looking for an available parking space, helping their customers identify vacant parking spaces in real-time.
  • Hospitals: These visits are often stressful, and trying to navigate a busy parking lot only increases that stress. Using Spotvision, patients can immediately see where vacant parking lot spots are when they arrive.
  • Multifamily: For guests or residents who don’t have assigned parking spots, it can be difficult to find a place to park when occupancy is high. SpotVision is an easy way to provide your community with visibility into vacant and occupied parking spaces around their homes.

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