Eagle Eye Networks & Parapet Studios

Parapet Studios leverages the Eagle Eye Video API Platform

Impactful Business Intelligence to Restaurant Operators

Parapet Studios Overseer POS system combined with the Eagle Eye Cloud Security VMS provides restaurant owners access to critical video footage.


Transaction Screen

About Parapet Overseer

Parapet Overseer customers, in thousands of quick-serve restaurants across the country, can now view synchronized video for each transaction. This partnership provides added visibility, allowing restaurant operators to decrease losses such as shrink, waste, and theft while increasing visibility of sales activities and improving overall operations.

Examples of flagged/suspicious transactions include:

  • Low Dollar Transactions
  • Cars Without Transactions
  • Sweethearting or Excessive Discounting
  • Suspicious Refunds

“We had someone use a counterfeit $100 which passed all our tests, but the bank flagged it as “suspect.” The police were able to determine what time the perpetrator was in the restaurant, and we were able to find transactions in Parapet and identify the criminal. The police now have the image of the thief and his license plate number. In fact, the police were so impressed with the surveillance equipment, they stated “ I have never seen a system like this before. I didn’t know cameras could function this well or look this good. The resolution is amazing. These are by far the best cameras I have ever seen.” 
Keep on doing your thing! And thank you!!!
– Js4, Inc.

Did you know?

In the QSR industry, 75% of your employees are likely to steal at least once, and 50% will steal repeatedly. Up to 7% of your bottom line is lost to employee theft.

– Source: US Chamber of Commerce & National Restaurant Association

“Video integration is an integral part of our success in preventing employee theft. With the simple click of a button, users are taken from a flagged transaction directly to the relevant video footage and back again… all without ever leaving Overseer!”

– Jeff North, Co-Founder of Parapet Studios

“This partnership allows me to turn recorded video and analytics into impactful business intelligence. The added visibility provides my store with enhanced security at the point of sale, better tabs on labor and inventory, and provides our guests with more efficient and consistent customer service.”

– Rob Rianna, Multi-Unit KFC Franchisee

Integration Screen

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