New Managed PoE Switches

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Eagle Eye Networks now offers Managed PoE Switches, and that’s great news.  Integrating Eagle Eye Networks Managed PoE Switch with your existing system allows for additional tools that enable faster installation, easier maintenance and upgrades, and better visibility into network health.


POE Switch-FI

Utilizing Eagle Eye Network’s Managed PoE Switch with your Eagle Eye Networks system will provide an even greater level of manageability and more functionality than ever before, allowing for remote configuration and management.  Now, authorized users will be able to power cycle an individual PoE camera or the entire switch remotely.  That means no one needs to be on-site, so say goodbye to expensive and time consuming service calls.

Benefits are immediate and long lasting:

Immediate Benefits:
Many common troubleshooting techniques can be handled remotely, saving the time and hassle of on-site visits.  In addition, there will be less camera downtime because you will be able to solve problems more quickly.

Future Benefits:
Improvements and enhancements are already underway.  Due to the benefits of cloud architecture, these enhancements will be made available to you without the need for new equipment or a site visit. So get your Eagle Eye Networks Managed PoE Switches today!

It makes smart sense to upgrade to the Eagle Eye Networks Managed PoE Switch. With this new switch you’ll gain significant added capabilities, tools and benefits, and save time and money with less service calls.

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