The Magellan Intl. School


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The Magellan International School has two campuses in Austin, Texas. Prior to Eagle Eye, the school had alarms installed to protect campus entry points, but they did not have a video surveillance system in place to view the campus activity. The school has experienced rapid growth over the past few years, and expect this growth to continue. With this growth came the need for added supervision of both campuses, students, and their resources. To meet this need, the school board assessed all areas of their program, including their current security system, and decided that adding an extra layer of security to their campuses was paramount.

The leadership team chose the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS for their video surveillance solution after a recommendation from its board members and decided to have the system installed at both of their campuses. With Eagle Eye installed, the school will have visibility into their campus like never before and better secure and monitor the campus and protect the staff and students from any security-related incidents. They will even be able to view video footage of both campuses from their mobile phones.

Eagle Eye Product Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
Country US
Number of Locations 2
Type of Cameras IP
Number of Cameras 34
Camera Manufacturer Eagle Eye Cameras DM05a & DB01a
Retention 14 Days
Bridge Models Eagle Eye Bridge 301