Eagle Eye Networks、契約Vault Mobileを発表



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Extends the Eagle Eye Contract Vault capabilities to record audio/video using only a tablet

Austin, TX – Eagle Eye Networks, Inc. today announced the launch of Contract Vault Mobile, a cloud-based system developed specifically for the timeshare industry for recording video of the contract closing process. With Contract Vault Mobile, closing agents can record audio and video using only a tablet. This video is securely stored in the Eagle Eye Contract Vault for periods of up 10 years.

Contract Vault Mobile extends the reach of Contract Vault beyond the closing rooms. With Contract Vault Mobile, common areas, cubicles, remote locations, and even cruise ships can now record both audio and video of the closing process. Furthermore, with Contract Vault Mobile, there is no Internet connection required to record your closing. Timeshare businesses can now conduct business anytime, anywhere.

“Contract Vault Mobile has simplified and accelerated the deployment of Contract Vault across organizations,” said Dean Drako, CEO of Eagle Eye Networks. “Our timeshare partners have affirmed that Contract Vault Mobile has enhanced the sales process, providing greater consistency and assurance for customers and developers alike.”

All Contract Vault Mobile video recordings are stored long-term in the Eagle Eye Cloud Data Centers and can be easily searched and retrieved. All video is encrypted in transit and at rest, has triple redundant storage, and is cyber secure.

About Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks, Inc. delivers the first on-demand cloud based security and operations video management system (VMS) providing both cloud and on-premise recording. Eagle Eye Networks also provides a cloud video API for integrations and application development. The Eagle Eye Platform offers secure, encrypted recording, camera management, mobile viewing and alerts, and first responder real-time video access – all 100% cloud managed. The Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera Video Management System supports a broad array of IP and analog cameras while using Intelligent Bandwidth Management™, making it easy to deploy at single and multiple sites. The API platform uses the Eagle Eye Big Data Video Framework™, with time based data structures used for indexing, search, retrieval and analysis of the live and archived video. Eagle Eye Networks sells through authorized reseller and installation partners. The headquarters is at 4611 Bee Caves Rd, suite 200, Austin, Texas, 78746. For more information, please visit www.een.com or call +1-512-473-0500.


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