Get Smart on 2021 Trends in Video Surveillance

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It’s 2021! It’s going to be (got to be) a great year. To help all of you ensure your businesses are safe, secure, and on-the-grow in the months ahead, our experts studied the industry landscape and crafted our 2021 Trends in Video Surveillance eBook

The book is intended to help you get smart on key topics that will likely influence the video surveillance market this year and beyond.   

Our experts are predicting …

Customers are asking for cloud. Video surveillance in the cloud is going mainstream — finally catching up with other industries that have been adopting cloud technology at a much faster clip. The benefits are undeniable.  

Advanced analytics (AI) will transform video surveillance systems into even more valuable business solutions. Ultimately, smart cloud video surveillance will make businesses smarter and more customer-focused and communities safer and more engaged. In addition, it will enable manufacturers to provide higher quality products in a safer, more timely manner.

Compliance requirements are constantly evolving. From education to cannabis, law enforcement to healthcare, regulations around capturing, storing, and sharing video are on the rise, and differ from state to state. Our experts are predicting there will be more compliance requirements to come.

IT departments are now engaging with, and in many cases owning video surveillance. As more core business applications, such as point of sale, access control, process control, and others, integrate with video surveillance systems, IT plays a more important role in ensuring compatibility, access, and security.

Customers are expecting systems to be open and connected, as the value becomes more clear. We’ll see a greater confluence of consumer and commercial. (I have all these conveniences and luxuries at home, why not at work?) Because an open, cloud-based API (application programming interface) offers end users a multitude of benefits, among them access to valuable analytics, seamless integrations with other applications, and the ability to easily innovate.

This is just a sneak peek at our experts’ predictions. Download the 2021 Trends in Video Surveillance eBook for more on these five trends, plus, get access to two more “Bonus Predictions.” And, register for our upcoming webinar, where we’ll expand on the ebook’s topics. For even more 2021 Trends resources, visit our website

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