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A Planet Fitness franchisee owns 9 clubs across Southern California and was forced to drive to each location to access operations, staffing, and overall club performance. All of the traveling time proved very inconvenient and time-consuming.

This franchisee was looking for a solution that allowed him to remotely monitor his employees to ensure they were arriving on time, greeting every guest, and maintaining the cleanliness of each club.

After switching to Eagle Eye Networks, the franchisee is now able to check on his locations remotely and can now view any of his clubs, from anywhere in the world, on his cell phone or laptop. This franchisee also likes that the Eagle Eye User Interface is intuitive and no training is necessary when he grants access to new employees.

“Eagle Eye allows me to see all of my clubs all at once, ensuring brand consistency and high levels of customer service. I can also grant access to the regional and assistant managers, so they can view their clubs from their phones. Now, we are much more efficient, as an organization, with our overall operations.”

Joe Bernatowicz
Franchise Owner

Eagle Eye Product Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
Country US
Number of Locations 9
Camera Type Analog
Number of Cameras 42
Bridge Model(s) Eagle Eye Bridge 301
Eagle Eye Bridge 410
Retention  30 Days