Everything You Need to Know About APIs

What is an API

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More and more, businesses are turning to APIs to drive efficiencies and deliver better customer experiences. In fact, many people use applications that leverage APIs on a daily basis and aren’t even aware of it. Google Maps, Slack, Salesforce — these are just some examples of the numerous applications that utilize APIs to facilitate the sharing of data from one application to another. Despite the prevalence of APIs, many people are unaware of what an API is or how it works.

What Is API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API makes it possible for two separate applications to interact and share data in order to create new and expanded functionality.

For example, Twilio is an application that can send and receive phone calls or text messages. With an API integration, a rideshare application can use Twilio to send real-time updates via text message to customers about their ride. This added functionality using an API results in smoother communication for the rideshare application’s customers.

APIs provide many benefits for businesses, including:

  • Automating tasks between applications instead of opening each application
  • Creating better customer experiences through integration
  • Developing new and innovative products

How Do APIs Work?

Based on a set of rules, the API allows applications to communicate with each other to perform a specific task. The API works in the background, taking a request from one application to the other to give you the desired outcome.

For example, many applications make it possible to login into their app by using a Facebook login. Take a mobile crossword game, for example. The user opens the app and sees that they can use their Facebook credentials to access their account. When they click this option, the API retrieves their login credentials from Facebook and returns it to the application, logging them into their game.

The Eagle Eye Video API Platform

Video surveillance has traditionally been a closed space and connecting with other systems was not a priority. However, no one solution can meet every need, which is why Eagle Eye Networks created the open platform, the Eagle Eye Video API Platform, which is the basis of the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS.

The Eagle Eye Video API Platform is a comprehensive REST based API for recording, indexing, and storing camera video. The Eagle Eye Video API Platform handles all the heavy lifting.

Interfacing with the cameras and recording video
Securely transmitting and storing video to the cloud
Making video available for use in the integrated applications

By using a video management system with an open API, like the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS, businesses receive a host of benefits including:

  • More Customization: It’s easy to streamline the use and management of applications, enhancing the functionality across systems.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership: There is no vendor lock-in and no additional licensing fees for integrating outside applications.
  • Better Cybersecurity: The system is able to adapt to the security needs of the organization by utilizing industry best practices and equipment.
  • Future-Proofs Investment: Organizations are able to integrate and incorporate tools with the video management system for all current and future needs.

Contact us to learn more about how Eagle Eye Networks partners video surveillance with leading access control, point of sale, and analytics providers for a seamlessly integrated security experience.


Founded in 2012, Eagle Eye Networks, Inc., is #1 in cloud video surveillance worldwide, addressing the needs of businesses, alarm companies, security integrators, and individuals.  Eagle Eye’s 100% cloud managed solutions provides cloud and on-premise recording, bank level security and encryption, and broad analog and digital camera support – all accessed via the web or mobile applications. Businesses of all sizes and types utilize Eagle Eye solutions for operational optimization and security. All Eagle Eye products benefit from Eagle Eye’s developer friendly RESTful API platform and Big Data Video Framework ™, which allow for indexing, search, retrieval, and analysis of live and archived video. Eagle Eye’s open Video API has been widely adopted for integration in alarm monitoring, third party analytics, security dashboards, and point of sale system integrations.

Eagle Eye sells its products through authorized global resellers and installation partners. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA, Eagle Eye has offices in Europe and Asia-Pacific. For more information, please visit www.een.com or call +1-512-473-0500 (US), +31 (0) 20 26 10 460 (EMEA) or +81-3-6868-5527 (JP).

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