Intraguard is a cloud-based monitoring company, offering tailormade surveillance solutions. The company is a merge/sub company between the two companies and Directlarm.

With this merger Intraguard combined IT & Sales knowledge with troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. The perfect match for backend and front end coverage combined in one company.

The owners began adding customers to their newly merged company in 2017 and started selling local security solutions to smaller companies. However, they felt like the standard camera solutions were outdated, so they were looking for an innovative solution. Corepixel, one of Intraguard’s distributors, introduced them to Eagle Eye Networks.

Today, Intraguard is marketing and selling tailor-made solutions with online access to store their customers encrypted footage securely in the cloud.

“We stand behind Eagle Eye Networks and can proudly say that their cloud VMS solution adapts constantly to the current and fast changes in the cybersecurity industry”, says Robert Kimfors, Co-Owner of Intraguard. “It’s a huge advantage here in Sweden since most new solutions tend to work great in the beginning but after some time they show errors because their software is not regularly updated and adapted.”

The main product, Intraguards customers are asking for, is the Eagle Eye CMVR.

It is the perfect solution for their smaller customers since the retention and storage are customizable and can be scaled based on the growth of the company over time.

Intraguard’s customer STC -training clubs who is currently one of Sweden’s largest gym chains started small too. Over 20 years back, when (One of Intraguards mother companies) first started working with STC as an IT consultant, they noticed the bad support and lack of knowledge they received from their then alarm and video surveillance supplier. To support their long term customer, started to take over more and more video surveillance features as well as cameras. Once Intraguard came across the Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS platform, they were able to change gears and added almost 60% of the customer’s surveillance system to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Platform and has almost 100 cameras in the application today. STCs surveillances is growing every month.

“Eagle Eye Networks made it easy for us to convince our customer to switch to the cloud platform, since Eagle Eye Networks’ compatible camera list, already included the cameras on-site, so there was no need to exchange any cameras.”, says Robert Kimfors. “Besides that, STC saw that the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS platform is the best in terms of monitoring multiple locations all in one platform. And we really like the easy management-console for user access/restrictions ”