EE WingsAUSTIN, Texas. March 31, 2016 –Eagle Eye Networks™, Inc. announced today that it has funded the Drako Cloud Security Grant for Schools for up to $1M; individual schools who are awarded the grant will receive a fully functional security camera system — including cloud management and recording, mobile phone remote access applications, cameras, networking equipment to connect IP cameras, and secure gateways to the cloud — at no cost for 1 year. Eligible schools include accredited private and public schools in the United States: elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges.

Communities Prefer Video Recording to be Mix of Cloud and On-site Storage

A recent survey showed that that 72 percent of adults in the United States favor the use of security cameras to improve safety in schools. Further, a majority (56 percent) of adults favor that schools maintain a mix of cloud and on-premise video storage. The top reasons for mixed cloud and on-site storage include: preventing video loss and tampering; providing greater storage flexibility; and delivering better remote access.

“We are funding this cloud security grant to make it easier for more schools to provide the highest level of safety to their students and staff,” said Dean Drako, president & CEO, Eagle Eye Networks. “Eagle Eye Networks’ cloud surveillance offers many benefits to improve campus security, including flexible retention, leading mobile access, scalability, and an overall lower total cost of ownership.”

$1,000,000 Drako Cloud Security Grant for Schools – Details

Grant winners will receive a grant for one full year of funding for the cloud-based Eagle Eye Security Camera Video Management System (VMS) and associated components. The solution includes cloud recording services, centralized management, gateways, cameras, and necessary networking equipment. Encrypted retention of up to 1 year for all the video is available for each camera. Optionally, schools can use their existing security cameras, and convert their surveillance system to the Eagle Eye cloud-based VMS.

The cloud-based Eagle Eye VMS is cyber-secure and simple to use both locally and remotely, through web browsers or the Eagle Eye mobile applications. It includes the ability to assign viewing and download permissions, including first responder emergency video.

The Drako Cloud Security Grant for Schools is appealing to help schools offset costs, as more districts move to include security camera coverage on campuses, and wish to ensure their surveillance systems allow first responder emergency access. Further, some states require schools with security cameras to maintain the recordings for a certain time period; as the laws change, the flexible retention offered by a cloud-managed video surveillance system can reduce the need for additional equipment purchases.

The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS will work with a broad array of IP and analog cameras. School grant recipients who wish to add new cameras are responsible for the cost of camera wiring and installation; Eagle Eye Networks can refer the school to a Certified Dealer if desired. At the end of the 12 months, if the school chooses to continue using the Eagle Eye VMS, they would purchase the equipment and start their Eagle Eye Cloud VMS subscriptions. The school also has the option to remove the equipment and return it to Eagle Eye Networks, at no charge.

Grant applications will be accepted starting March 31, 2016.  Application deadline is July 1, 2016. Grant winners will be selected based on the merits and timeliness of their application.

To learn more and apply for the grant, please visit: Eagle Eye Networks Drako Cloud Security Grant for Schools.

Public and Private School Case Studies on the Cloud Surveillance and Eagle Eye Networks

Fairfield Community Schools: Public school district, four campuses, ~2100 students

“The Fairfield community school district selected the Eagle Eye Security Camera Video Management System (VMS) for all four of our school campuses, with 2100 students. We wanted a cloud video surveillance system to reduce our IT infrastructure and costs,” said Steve Thalheimer, Superintendent, Fairfield Community School District. “Eagle Eye’s off-site cloud video storage will save our district the complex IT overhead of setting up our own local video storage and managing disaster recovery solutions. Further, Eagle Eye Networks’ CEO Dean Drako is also the founder and former CEO of Barracuda Networks, so we have confidence Eagle Eye has the expertise necessary to create a cyber-secure, cloud-based system.

Thalheimer added, “Our school district’s top priority is to protect our students and staff. Eagle Eye Networks’ cloud-based system will allow our staff and law enforcement to have as much information as possible in any situation. We can use their First Responder Real-time Video Access to immediately give first responders immediate access.”

For a detailed school case study, please visit Security Camera System Reviews.

Brentwood Christian School: Private PreK-12 school, 50 acre campus, 800 students

“We chose the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS to help us provide the safest environment possible for our 800 students in grades Pre K-12 on our 50 acre campus, covering campus entry points as well as our hallways. Their cloud-based surveillance system lets us direct our technology budget towards the classroom, to enhance our students’ educational experience, rather than towards building a large technical support infrastructure,” said Wayne Marks, CTO, Brentwood Christian School.

Marks continued: “One example of the robustness of Eagle Eye Networks’ system is their First Responder Real-time Video Access feature. If we ever have an emergency situation, we can use the Eagle Eye Viewer mobile app or a web browser to give first responder immediate access to our cameras. The First Responders would not need any special equipment to see the video in such an emergency situation.”

In other news today, Eagle Eye Networks announced its School Security Camera System Report which compiles a comprehensive analysis of 1500 adult survey respondents throughout the United States.

About Eagle Eye Networks

Eagle Eye Networks delivers the first on-demand cloud based security and operations video management system (VMS) providing both cloud and on-premise recording. Eagle Eye also provides a cloud video API for integrations and application development. The Eagle Eye Platform offers secure, encrypted recording, camera management, mobile viewing and alerts, and first responder real-time video access – all 100% cloud managed. The Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera Video Management System supports a broad array of IP and analog cameras while using Intelligent Bandwidth Management™, making it easy to deploy at single and multiple sites. The API platform uses the Eagle Eye Big Data Video Framework™, with time based data structures used for indexing, search, retrieval and analysis of the live and archived video. Eagle Eye Networks sells through authorized reseller and installation partners. The headquarters is at 4611 Bee Caves Rd, suite 200, Austin, Texas, 78746. For more information please visit or call +1-512-473-0500.