Platform Engineer

Eagle Eye Networks is seeking a platform engineer familiar with cloud platform technologies, web applications, networking, distributed systems, and data discovery analysis.

Your responsibilities will be to discover platform anomalies, recommend and execute performance and optimizations for the platform, be the gatekeeper of platform standards, quickly analyze and fix platform issues, increase developer velocity by providing Continuous Integration configuration, providing standardization code across languages and microservices, create analysis dashboards, and create alerts to sustain our platform uptime and performance.

We work with many different languages.  An understanding of Python, Golang, and C are a plus.

So, what’s unique? As a platform engineer, you will be working with cutting edge cloud technologies both Open Source and custom built.  You will have the power to lead and guide recommendations to the engineering team on what is necessary for the platform. You will work with a system unique to the cloud industry.


About Eagle Eye Networks:

Eagle Eye Networks is a cloud-based video management company. The Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS has been purpose-built for the cloud and provides unsurpassed security, redundancy, and reliability while allowing partners and customers the use of a wide variety of IP and analog cameras. Eagle Eye’s cloud is ideal for end-users and resellers requiring single sign-on access to live, recorded or event-based video across multiple locations. The Eagle Eye VMS has strong APIs for the secure integration of third-party systems.


Eagle Eye Networks Engineering:

At Eagle Eye Networks, our engineering domain ranges from embedded IoT devices to web and mobile frontends. Eagle Eye Networks is a complete platform from top to bottom, providing hardware and software solutions for the video surveillance industry worldwide.

Being an IoT company with a global footprint presents a unique set of engineering challenges you won’t find in a typical SaaS company. Using cutting edge technology and microservices architecture, we work to provide instant and secure access to massive amounts of video surveillance data streaming into our data center locations around the globe.

If this sounds exciting to you, come join our team!


Responsibilities Include:

  • Discover platform behavior
    • Provide analysis through a dashboard on each microservice
    • Define alerts for each microservice
    • Discover any data anomalies within the system through our vast logging infrastructure
    • Use log aggregation to paint a story and understand system behavior
    • Log performance on API endpoints and optimize for speed and efficiency
    • Create highly testable and rock-solid service implementations
    • Continuously measure and optimize the performance, effectiveness, and uptime of backend services – participate in data-driven culture
    • Research, prototype, and implement solutions to thorny big data and scale
  • Create and maintain platform standards
    • Create platform coding standards
    • Maintain and be the watchdog of such standards
    • Maintain deployment standards
  • Optimize and fix bugs
    • Understand of TCP/IP and HTTP protocols
    • Knowledgeable in Python
    • Familiar with Golang
    • Familiar with the Linux environment
    • Thrive in a rapidly changing environment, continuously working to adapt our process to new circumstances
  • Platform evangelist
    • Be the decision maker
    • Drive logging standards across all microservices


Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Python experience – 5+ years
  • Golang experience – 2+ years
  • Rest APIs, Git, JIRA – 2+ years
  • Strong knowledge of TCP/IP and HTTP
  • Docker, Kubernetes, CI experience
  • Log aggregation tools such as Kibana, Scalyr, Splunk, etc.


Email to apply.