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Common is an innovative property management company that offers high-end shared housing in numerous major U.S. cities. This quickly expanding business offers a variety of amenities including fully-furnished living spaces, shared supplies, and community events.

Originally, Common used a stand-alone DVR system in each location, but as they continued to grow, it became cumbersome to operate for multiple locations. As they added more properties, they chose to upgrade to a scalable solution that would allow them to monitor multiple locations, in different cities, with ease.

So, Common moved from DVRs to the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS for all current and future properties. This allowed them the ability to view all of their properties at once, from anywhere in the world, from their mobile devices. They found that the Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS helps improve their customer service and overall operations. For example, they routinely use the Eagle Eye system to ensure that snow is plowed during the winters, weekly house cleaning is completed as expected, and construction crews aren’t violating regulations.

“The decision to use Eagle Eye Cloud Security Camera VMS for every property was a no brainer. Eagle Eye allows us to scale very rapidly, it’s price is competitive, the user interface is easy to manage, and it never goes down. We couldn’t be happier with the Eagle Eye solution.”

Kevin Davies
Director of Property Services

Eagle Eye Product Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
Land US
Country US
Number of Locations 6
Camera Type Analog and IP
Number of Cameras 34
Bridge Model Eagle Eye Bridge 301
Eagle Eye Bridge 304
Eagle Eye Bridge 310
Retention 7 Days