Cloud Video Surveillance Camera Worldwide Statistics: 2021

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During the past five years, Eagle Eye Networks has been able to aggregate data captured from hundreds of thousands of cameras connected to the Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) around the globe. That data is starting to reveal insights and trends into how businesses of all shapes and sizes are using their video surveillance systems to improve safety, security, and operations. 

This is the first in what will become a recurring report designed to provide insight into how cloud video surveillance is transforming the physical security market. The data is presented with our thoughts, but feedback and alternative ideas into the meaning and importance of the information are welcome. Our goal is to continuously improve the report and provide valuable insights to the industry.

Broad Scope of Source Data

  • 100,000 samples from global installer base
  • All 50 US states and 90 countries
  • 133 camera manufacturers represented, analog and digital
  • Thousands of businesses, including retail, restaurants, warehouses, commercial enterprises, multi-family residences, and more