Can Thermal Imaging Systems Help Businesses and Schools Safely Reopen?

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After being in lockdown for what feels like most of 2020, businesses and schools are looking for tools to help them implement a back-to-the-new-normal strategy. Safely reopening doors amid an ongoing pandemic has been challenging, to say the least. 

One promising tool thermal imaging systems has been proven to accurately measure surface skin temperature without being physically close to the evaluated person. There are a lot of mistruths and misunderstandings about thermal imaging systems and what they can and can’t do. Our extensive checklist goes into detail regarding implementing a thermal imaging system with success. Here, we take a quick look at the cans and can’ts. 

CAN: Create awareness a person might have a fever/elevated body temperature.

CAN’T: Determine if someone has an illness. Best practice dictates that a diagnostic test must be performed to determine if someone has an illness, such as COVID-19, SARS, or influenza. 

CAN: Provide insight that can be used to further check on individuals (or groups, when the system can’t isolate a particular person).

CAN’T: Accurately take the temperature of multiple people simultaneously. 

CAN: Be effective when there is careful setup and operation, training of operators, and proper preparation of the evaluated person.

CAN’T: Be successful without proper setup, operation, and training.

CAN: Prove effective as an initial screening tool, part of a more holistic, multipoint decision process to determine access into a facility.

CAN’T: Serve as a standalone tool.  

When implementing a thermal screening system at your facility, you need to focus on multiple areas, including setting and managing expectations; designing the testing site; installing, testing, and calibrating the equipment; and training and support. 

For more details regarding implementing a successful thermal imaging system at your facility, download our “Thermal Imaging System Checklist for Designing and Implementing an Effective Elevated Body Temperature Project.”  

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