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A franchisee owns six Amazing Lash/The Joint locations in the greater Atlanta area. This business provides beauty, health, and fitness services for its customers. The franchisee and partners have been in the business for over 20 years, and also run a consulting service, GO Launch Pros, for franchisees who are just starting out.

Before Eagle Eye, this franchisee used a traditional NVR system at each location. He grew tired of the clunky user interface and mobile app. It was nearly impossible to find moments of motion within the footage – especially if you were looking for a specific time/date. If management needed to view footage from a specific store, that turned into a 45-minute round trip, also wasting time and resources.

In addition to security, this franchisee now uses Eagle Eye to help improve the sales process. The business has a specific sales method that has proven to work, so they use Eagle Eye to ensure employees are following that technique. Management also uses video footage as a coaching tool, replaying clips as examples for new employees.

Eagle Eye has also helped improve their daily operations. Management has identified staffing issues, and they’ve optimized scheduling for each store’s busiest time of day. They can also verify closing procedures have been done properly and all lights are turned off, without making a trip to each store.

“Eagle Eye has definitely improved our bottom line. We went from a cumbersome surveillance system, to one that is now a critical part of our ongoing training process. We love that it’s web accessible and that we can easily stop, rewind, and fast-forward through our footage.”

Joe Burum
Amazing Lash/The Joint Franchisee
COO GO Lauch Pros LLC

Amazing Lash Logo-smJointFranchise

Here are the details of this project:
Eagle Eye Product Eagle Eye Cloud VMS
Country US
Number of Locations 6
Camera Type Analog and IP
Number of Cameras 25
Bridge Model Eagle Eye Bridge 304 (3)
Eagle Eye Bridge 310 (2)
Eagle Eye Bridge 401 (1)
Retention 7 Days