Video Uses for Vacation Clubs


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We thought it would be wise to take time to share our biggest lesson from our countless encounters within the vacation club space this year. Whether in casual conversations at industry events like ARDA World, ARDA Fall, SOIC, AMDETUR, or VO-Con, or through more formal conversations with long-standing customers and new customers, the most important lesson we took away was: the high potential for video to permeate the vacation club space to improve the sales experience, the guest experience, and club operations.

Traditionally, we’ve approached the vacation club space with our Contract Vault offering–a purpose-built solution that helps clubs record, review, and train on their VLO/QA process with the end goals of ensuring compliance, improving the overall quality of the closing experience and reducing rescission. As our existing partnerships have evolved, there have been emergent outcomes where our customers have asked us to assist them in (1) developing a solution to monitor and track the activity on their sales floors and (2) to monitor any foot-traffic to their MDF (Main Distribution Facility) rooms to secure their network equipment and more quickly identify any potential causes of downstream network issues. In both instances we were able to answer the call of our customers and partner to devise a solution to help them meet their unique objectives.

We continue to work with our valued customers to identify new opportunities for video application: monitoring welcome desks, sales podiums, model rooms, and even body cameras for secret shoppers. In each, the objectives are to drive compliance, security or to ensure a premium guest experience. As you look inward at how video might support your 2018 objectives, we would welcome the opportunity to help you devise and pilot a solution that might meet your club’s specific needs. After all, there’s a decent chance we either already have a solution in place or are devising a solution that could benefit from your club’s unique input.

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